KPN to launch multi-screen service

Dutch telco KPN is to launch a multi-screen version of its IPTV service Interactieve TV. The service, Interactieve TV Online, will deliver 20 channels and various interactive services to subscribers via laptops or iPads and will be available to all 416,000 subscribers of the IPTV service.

Channels include the Dutch public broadcast services, channels from RTL and SBS and international services including Disney XD (sharing a channel with Veronica), National Geographic, 13th Street, CNN, BBC World News,TV5 and JimJam (so far only on laptop).

The service will only be available via WiFi within subscribers’ homes. Features including pause live TV will be available on the iPad version, while laptop users will be able to access catch-up and on-demand programming.

The service will be launched on September 15. KPN hopes to add further channels in the future.

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