Ultra high definition

Ultra HD TV panel shipments reach 1 million

Shipments of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV panels exceeded one million for the first time in March, a more than threefold increase month-over-month according to IHS stats.  The research firm said that UHD TV panel shipments reached 1.1 million in March, up from 384,300 units in February. In March 2013, shipments were fewer than 150,000. […]

Samsung unveils 4K TVs and UHD video pack

Samsung has unveiled its 2014 home entertainment product line-up, which includes a range of curved Ultra High Definition TVs and a 4K ‘video pack’. Announcing the products, Samsung said that it will be working with Comcast, DirecTV and streaming video providers such as Amazon, M-Go and Netflix “to find the best ways to deliver UHD […]

More than 50% of Europeans to buy UHDTVs by 2016, claims research

Some 56% of Europeans said they would be likely to buy an Ultra High Definition TV in the next two years, according to new research by Strategy Analytics.  The Ultra HDTV survey – which polled 4,000 people across France, Germany, Italy and the UK – found that 15% of respondents said they would be very likely to buy […]

Web firms to benefit most from 4K, says Netflix CEO

Ultra High Definition, also known as 4K, will benefit online firms before traditional broadcasters, with the technology still years away from being deployed by cable and satellite firms, according to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. Speaking in an interview with the BBC at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Hastings said that 4K was shaping […]

Ultra HD TV shipments to jump more than 500%

Ultra High Definition (UHD) display LCD TV shipments are expected to increase by more than 500% year-on-year in 2014, according to new stats by IHS. The figures, which were updated ahead of the CES trade show in Las Vegas this week, claim that UHD LCD TV sales will reach 10 million units this year, up […]

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