Samsung unveils 4K TVs and UHD video pack

Samsung has unveiled its 2014 home entertainment product line-up, which includes a range of curved Ultra High Definition TVs and a 4K ‘video pack’.

Announcing the products, Samsung said that it will be working with Comcast, DirecTV and streaming video providers such as Amazon, M-Go and Netflix “to find the best ways to deliver UHD content to customers.”

In the meantime, Samsung said it is releasing a UHD Video Pack next month that will let viewers watch Hollywood blockbusters such as Night at the Museum, The Counselor and X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 4K. This will contain 1 terabyte of available data and will cost US$299.99 (€217). Samsung said it plans to release a second UHD Video Pack with more UHD content in the second half of this year.

Among Samsungs new 4K TV sets is the high-end U9000 Curved UHD TV which is due to be released this month. Promising the “ultimate immersive experience, a 55” model will cost US$3,999.99, the 65” model $4,999.99, while a 78” model will be released later this year for $7,999.99.

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