More than 50% of Europeans to buy UHDTVs by 2016, claims research

Some 56% of Europeans said they would be likely to buy an Ultra High Definition TV in the next two years, according to new research by Strategy Analytics. 

The Ultra HDTV survey – which polled 4,000 people across France, Germany, Italy and the UK – found that 15% of respondents said they would be very likely to buy an Ultra HDTV and 41% somewhat likely to buy in the two-year window, with intention to buy peaking among 25-34 year-olds.

The research added that two thirds of “higher income” households would be willing to go Ultra HD, with this term holding much higher awareness than 4K TV or UHD.

“The outlook for Ultra HD is positive, assuming that it meets consumers’ performance and value expectations. In any case our research confirms that many people are still interested in improving their big screen television experience,” said Strategy Analytics principal analyst, David Mercer.

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