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Southeast Asians increasingly shifting to OTT

More than a third of TV viewers in Southeast Asia are now streaming OTT content. According to The Trade Desk, the region added 20 million new OTT viewers in the past year, adding up to 200 million users who stream 9.7 billion hours’ worth of OTT content per month. This represents an increase of 22% […]

Half of Americans have cut the cord, claims report

Almost half of US adults have already cut the cord, according to a new report. A new study carried out by The Trade Desk has found that 47% of US TV viewers are already cordless while 44% with cable intend on pulling back or cutting their service altogether in the coming year. The shift towards […]

A fifth of Brits are spending two working days a week watching streaming services

A fifth of Brits spend over 16 hours a week watching streaming services. According to new figures from The Trade Desk, 19% of consumers in the UK spend the equivalent of two working days per week streaming content.  The report also notes an increasing reluctance from consumers to pay for their streamed content however, with […]

Sky Media and The Trade Desk announce programmatic partnership

Sky’s advertising sales arm Sky Media has announced a partnership with ad tech firm The Trade Desk. The Trade Desk said that advertisers will be able to access Sky Media’s BVOD content using the vendor’s tech platform. This will enable brands to reach audiences across Sky’s entire portfolio including Sky Sports, Movies, Entertainment and OTT […]

More than a quarter of Americans plan to cut out cable in 2021

A new report has suggested that more than a quarter of US cable TV subscribers are planning to cut the cord by the end of 2021. According to The Trade Desk, 27% of subscribers plan on ridding themselves of cable this year, up from 15% who cut the cord in 2020 and significantly higher than […]

The Trade Desk seals programmatic ad deal with Channel 4

Demand-side programmatic advertising platform The Trade Desk has struck a deal with UK broadcaster Channel 4, offering advertisers the ability to target the latter’s viewers across its live and on-demand services. The Trade Desk will be one of several demand-side platforms to offer access to Channel 4 inventory programmatically, giving brands access to audiences across […]

British purse strings tighten as willingness to spend on streaming services drops

Brits are becoming more frugal with their willingness to spend on streaming services.  According to new research by The Trade Desk, seven out of 10 people in the country are not prepared to spend more than £20 per month on streaming services, down by £5 from last September. This comes from an April 2020 survey […]

Streaming fatigue is setting in, claims report

After nearly a decade of irrepressible growth, cracks are emerging in streaming with fatigue beginning to set in. According to a new survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of The Trade Desk, 59% of Americans are not willing to pay more than US$20 a month for streaming TV services with 75% unwilling to pay more […]