Canada increasingly cutting the cord

The state of cord cutting in Canada has been revealed in a new report which shows that over 70% of adults in the country aged 18-44 do not subscribe to linear TV, have reduced their services or plan to entirely cut the cord within the next year.

According to new research from The Trade Desk and YouGov, there is a significant generational divide similar to what we have seen in the UK.

The ways that Canadians are watching is also changing. Some 73% of adults aged 18-29 watch TV content on their phones, and 66% on laptops. Almost two-thirds (63%) of all adults in the country use a second screen while watching TV for a wide range of purposes including online shopping, using social media or texting. 

The report also looks into the willingness of Canadians to spend money on TV services, with 40% willing to spend between CA$10-30 per month on streaming. Almost half are open to ad-supported options in exchange for lower fees.

Within the ad-supported streaming market, 87% prefer targeted ads, and 89% prefer short ads. Viewers aged 18-29 in the country have a preference for more interactive ads, while 3 in 10 Canadians would prefer shoppable ads. 

​​Tim Sims, Chief Revenue Officer at The Trade Desk, said: “We’re experiencing a once-in-a-generation shift in how we watch television, and Connected TV is unlocking more ways for consumers to have the best possible viewing experience. This presents advertisers with a massive opportunity to break away from the traditional advertising norms and reach consumers through an omnichannel marketing approach that applies data to their TV advertising campaigns.”

The country hasn’t fully cut the cord though. Of the surveyed viewers who have chosen not to cut their cable subscriptions, 73% said that the primary reason was to retain the ability to watch live TV content, specifically news and sports. Even this is changing however, with 31% of Canadians now primarily watching sports through nontraditional means.

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