COVID-19 and distributed architecture hesitation hit Teleste

Broadband technology provider Teleste saw its sales drop significantly in the second quarter as operators stopped working on networks upgrades and projects due to COVID-19 restrictions. Group net sales dropped by 20.7% to €33.5 million for the quarter, and the company posted a loss of €2 million compared with a profit for €1.4 million for […]

Teleste to ‘revise its strategy’ following poor quarter with sale of German Cableway

Finland-based tech firm Teleste has decided to sell off its German services business Cableway. The announcement came alongside Teleste’s Q1 results where it announced an 11.4% decrease in net sales and an 18.3% dip in adjusted operating profit. The company said that this poor quarter has prompted it to “revise its strategy”  and that it […]

Digital TV Europe to host webinar on network evolution

Digital TV Europe is partnering with Teleste to present a webinar on the topic of what operators must do to future-proof their networks in the face of growing capacity needs. Join Stuart Thomson, editor of Digital TV Europe, as he discusses the issues surrounding distributed access networks with a number of  senior figures from Teleste […]

Teleste withdraws financial guidance and begins talks for temporary lay-off of all staff

Cable technology provider Teleste has withdrawn its financial guidance for the current year due to the potential impact of the Coronavirus crisis on its business and has begun “co-determination negotiations”, in accordance with the Finnish Act on Co-operation within Undertakings, that would permit it to temporarily lay off its entire staff. Teleste said that the […]

Teleste claims second victory in patent dispute with Technetix

Finnish broadband technology outfit Teleste has claimed victory in a patent dispute with Technetix, which had sued for infringement of a patent covering home amplifiers and compact isolator equipment.  Teleste said that theUK Patents Court’s decision, ruling that Technetix’ patent was invalid on several grounds and that it should be revoked, meant that Teleste had […]

Teleste: interop issues still holding up next-generation cable access

Interoperability issues are holding up the cable industry’s investment in distributed access architecture, according to Teleste CEO Jukka Rinnevaara. Rinnevaara’s comments came as teleste posted net sales of €60.1 million for the third quarter, up 1.3%, and adjusted operating income of €3.2 million, up 1.4%. The CEO said that net sales were up in the […]

Teleste: distributed access revolution leading cable ops to ‘postpone investments’

The cable industry’s migration to distributed access architecture is leading operators to postpone investments in the current generation of network technology, while ensuring interoperability between different parties’ systems is acting as a brake on the deployment of new technology, according to Teleste CEO Jukka Rinnevaara, whose company posted reduced net sales and operating income for […]

Teleste: work still to be done to realise distributed access vision

Much work still has to be done to make cable operators ready to implement distributed access architectures (DAA), with attention turning to the complexity of interoperability of video and management systems, according Hanno Narjus, SVP of network products at broadband technology outfit Teleste. Speaking at a press event at ANGA COM in Germany, Narjus said […]

Teleste issues profit warning after subsidiary hit by criminal activity

Cable and broadband technology outfit Teleste has issued a profit warning after reporting criminal activity targeting an unnamed subsidiary. Teleste said that, as it is currently unable to estimate the total amount of potential insurance compensation and recovered losses, the company will at this stage record in full a non-recurring cost of approximately €7 million, […]

Teleste to continue supplying optical headend gear to Turksat

Finnish technology outfit Teleste has secured a contract to continue to supply optical headend products to Turkish cable and satellite operator Turksat. The deal, which extends one for the deployment of optical equipment last year, will see Teleste equipment deployed in partnership with the company’s local Turkish partner Telco Ltd. Teleste is supplying its HDO […]