Irish Saorsat TV service launches in Ka-band

RTÉNL, the network transmission arm of the Irish public broadcaster, has launched its planned free-to-air digital satellite service Saorsat. The service is designed to provide digital television services to the 2% of households that will not be able to receive digital terrestrial television services after the analog switch off in October. 
The service, which is […]

RTÉ looks to new models for catch-up and VOD

Irish public broadcaster RTÉ could look to develop pay services and international services as it seeks to develop catch-up and video-on-demand, according to Muirne Laffan, managing director, RTÉ Digital. Speaking at the IP&TV World Forum yesterday, Laffan said there “may be an opportunity for a pay model” on some platforms as well as opportunities to […]

RTÉ faces critcisim for digital fees

The Irish broadcasting authority has criticised Irish public broadcaster RTÉ for the fees it charges rival channels to appear on its digital terrestrial television service Saorview. The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has put together a report expressing concern that channels must pay up to €1 million per year to appear on the service and […]