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Amazon Echo still top of the pile for CTV-smart speaker integration

Amazon Echo is the most-connected smart speaker brand to TV sets, but the gap is closing. According to a new study from Hub Entertainment Research, the Alexa smart speaker still leads the way when it comes to integration with CTVs but its share has decreased significantly in the past year. The research notes that Echo’s […]

Netflix most important TV source for US viewers says report

Netflix is the most indispensable TV source for US consumers. According to a new survey from Hub Entertainment Research, when asked which networks and sources they’d keep if choices were limited, 39% of respondents said that Netflix is their first choice, 11 points higher than CBS in second place. Laying clear the generational difference, this […]

More than three quarters of young people engage in streaming password sharing

Password sharing has long served as a point of concern for streaming companies, and this has once again been demonstrated by a new study. According to new figures from Hub Entertainment Research, 31% of all consumers say they’ve given out an online TV service password to someone who doesn’t live with them. This figure rises […]

23% of Netflix subscribers would cancel over introduction of ads

Almost a quarter of Netflix subscribers would cancel their membership over the introduction of adverts. According to a new study from Hub Entertainment Research that looked at 1,765 consumers with broadband who watch at least 1 hour of TV per week, 23% of subscribers to the SVOD said they would “definitely or probably” drop their […]

À la carte TV ‘more attractive than bundled pay TV’

Existing pay TV bundles are getting less and less attractive to consumers and à la carte offers increasingly interesting, according to new data. According to findings from Hub Entertainment Research, only 40% of those with one pay TV subscription feel their needs are “very well met”. That number only rises to 47% among those with […]

Netflix brand influences viewing habits even in non-core genres

Having a popular content brand name like Netflix remains a key driver in picking up viewers, new data shows. Respondents to Hub Entertainment Research’s study claimed networks have no influence on what they watch, but their behaviour suggests otherwise. The findings, published yesterday, showed that 41% claimed network brand didn’t affect their viewing preferences. However, […]

TV is king when US consumers choose screen time

Up to 40% of entertainment time is spent watching television shows over other screen activities such as social media and gaming, according to a study of US consumers by Hub Entertainment Research. The study which featured 1,774 US consumers, who have broadband and watch at least 5 hours of TV per week, shows that when considering […]

US viewers ‘would rather opt for a la carte TV services’

US viewers would “strongly prefer” a TV service model where they select, and pay for, only the individual networks they’re most interested in watching, according to new research. Hub Entertainment Research’s ‘Let’s Get Ready to Bundle’ report found that 53% of US respondents preferred a “pure a la carte approach”, while only 38% said they […]

Netflix now ‘indispensable’ for many US viewers

Netflix is the TV brand that US viewers would be most reluctant to give up, ahead of any linear TV brand, according to new research. Hub Entertainment Research’s new ‘Branding of TV’ report claimed “Netflix has become indispensable to many TV consumers”. When asked which TV sources they would keep if they could have only […]

Most Amazon Prime and Hulu customers also use Netflix

Amazon Prime and Hulu viewers in the US “almost always” have a Netflix subscription, according to new stats by Hub Entertainment Research. The US research found that 83% of Amazon Prime users, and 93% of Hulu users also use Netflix – the service that claims the “lion’s share” of SVOD accounts. Some 57% of viewers […]