DTG Summit

BBC predicts all-IP future, says it will evolve into an internet broadcaster

The BBC’s technology chief has predicted that all media will be delivered over the web in the not too distant future and called on the UK industry to come together as we move into this IP era. Speaking at the DTG Summit in London yesterday, the BBC’s chief technology and product officer, Matthew Postgate, said […]

Microsoft: web media standards will let broadcast industry ‘re-imagine TV’

New web media standards constitute an inflection point that will allow the broadcast industry to “reimagine television,” according to Microsoft media platform architect, John Simmons. Speaking at the DTG Summit in London yesterday, Simmons said that the industry is seeing a comparable inflection point to the internet in 1993 when HTTP, HTML and the Mosaic […]

Arqiva: TV model is ‘fundamentally changing’

The UK TV model, which for 25 years has been based around the two broad pillars of pay and free-to-air, is now “fundamentally changing”, according to the CEO of Arqiva. Speaking at the DTG Summit in London yesterday, Simon Beresford-Wylie, the head of the UK broadcast infrastructure firm, described a future that will increasingly centre […]

Ofcom: 700 MHz clearance on track for 2020 completion

The UK reallocation of 700 MHz spectrum from TV to mobile broadband is on track to be completed by the end of Q2, 2020, according to Ofcom’s group director of spectrum. Giving an update on 700 MHz at the DTG Summit in London yesterday, Philip Marnick said that the clearance programme is on target to […]

BBC must ‘reinvent itself’ for a new generation

During its current charter period the BBC has set itself the challenge of reinventing itself for a new generation, according to deputy director general, Anne Bulford. Speaking at the DTG Summit in London this morning, Bulford said that the BBC needs to do “much, much more” to make its programmes and services cut through in […]

UK’s FITT taskforce makes industry recommendations

The UK’s Future of Innovation in Television Technology (FITT) taskforce has made a number of recommendations to help guide the industry and create sustainable growth. In a report that marked the conclusion of an 18-month collaborative industry project, the taskforce made 13 recommendations including the establishment of a leaders assembly to guide a ‘Next Generation […]