DTVE August/September 2018

Big data is the thread that runs through this issue of Digital TV Europe. The control of data, its use to deliver new consumer experiences, and its role as fuel for the global ambitions of big tech organisations, are key to the future of the media business.

In this issue of the magazine we look at four topics in which data plays a starring role.

The first is the growing importance of artificial intelligence in media. The application of AI is seen to have the potential to revolutionise the video distribution business, but what does the application of AI mean in practice? We look at the potential of AI to make TV more highly personalised than ever before through applications such as facial recognition, voice-control and the analysis of emotions.

Control of data is at the core of Google’s business of delivering services to consumers globally, including video services through the Google Play store. Over the last year or so, the introduction of the Android TV Operator Tier has transformed Google’s fortunes in the TV business. In this issue, we look at the advantages offered by this platform for service providers.

Data is of course most crucial to Google’s core advertising business. Commercial broadcasters have seen their advertising revenues come under threat from a variety of directions, including the growing appeal of online content. In order to secure their future, they urgently need to make more money from their online activity as well as from legacy broadcast operations. This means accurate audience data. In this issue, we look at initiatives to provide better audience measurement across digital platforms and some of the challenges faced by broadcasters in this space.

Data is also at the heart of delivering a personalised user experience to TV consumers that matches what they have come to expect from online platforms such as Netflix. In this issue of Digital TV Europe, we look at the ways in which TV operators are trying to deliver a user experience that serves as a differentiator and provides something that can compete with OTT providers.

Finally in this issue, we take our customary annual look at some of the technologies that will be on show at the forthcoming IBC in Amsterdam, as well as providing our usual round-up of industry news and technology developments.

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