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Personalisation and interactivity – the key to the most immersive user experiences

Over the past years, media consumption habits changed drastically and so has the media market. With ever-growing social media popularization, users expect highly engaging viewing experiences. Regular streaming providers struggle as they try to keep up with the trends and grow the retention factor to outmatch the innovative competition.

All the biggest players in the industry are figuring out how to best utilize and create the algorithms that keep all of their users engaged. Big data allows them to predict behaviours in detail and provide the appropriate materials at the best time and place.

Although the content is the most important, its delivery method is another crucial factor  which completes the experience and provides higher engagement. So, how does in this situation Better Software Group and Tiledmedia come to play?

Keeping up with contemporary media trends

Streaming services have a harder time retaining users’ attention and when it comes to interactivity, little is happening. Users press play, sit back, get distracted and start using a different app that is more engaging.

Most streaming services are limited to a few devices, like TV’s or laptops. This is troublesome since this excludes audiences with other devices and viewers on-the-go.

The Better Software Group x Tiledmedia solutions

Streaming services struggle to make content available across devices. Moreover, especially younger users have difficulties dedicating their attention to one channel. Longer video content is not entertaining enough for users accustomed to short and personalized videos. BSG and Tiledmedia solve this problem by enabling content and apps that provide a highly personalized Multiview experience with possibly infinite moving feeds, to enable the best viewing experience for every individual user.

Better Software Group’s multi-device apps enable streaming services to upgrade their market presence, refresh the look of their solutions, make optimal use of user data and be on top of the newest industry trends. They offer a white-label solution that can be enhanced with additional features. Combined with Tiledmedia’s Multiview technology, streaming services can create an immersive streaming experience.

Tiledmedia’s Mosaic Multiview technology enables infinite video feeds to simultaneously play on one screen which can be fully customized by each user. The app can become an all-you-can-eat buffet where every user can choose themselves which feeds they want to watch.

Streaming services can also integrate moving video feeds as an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) to instantly show what is playing on each channel. Users are easily drawn to programs playing at that moment, increasing the likelihood they want to keep watching. With Better Software Group’s multi-device apps, EPGs look more compelling and boost user attention.

For the most immersive user experience, Virtual Reality has made a significant mark in the market. Tiledmedia also offers a High-Quality VR solution that enables streaming at extremely high resolution over existing networks by only streaming the viewport. Together with Better Software Group’s VR apps, the possibilities are endless. Using Mosaic Multiview in VR gives a sticky, immersive experience like never done before.

This is next-gen streaming

With Tiledmedia and Better Software Group’s solutions, streaming services can easily adapt to demanding user expectations. Users that are offered personalised content can easily pick what and how they want to be entertained.

The Better Software Group App makes this possible. Across devices, streaming services can now easily enable Multiview and High-Quality VR for their viewers. Encourage users to keep on watching their favourite content on any device and create a truly sticky user experience.

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Mimi Lounio is VP marketing and sales at Tiledmedia. Jacek Gwizdak is sales director at Better Software Group.

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