Hybrid Software as a Service (SaaS): The New Way to Move Media

The pace of technological change has accelerated over the past two decades, forever altering the way we share information. From small businesses on Main Street to financial institutions on Wall Street, companies are capitalizing on new modes of computing and software delivery—including software as a service (SaaS) and hybrid SaaS—that let them achieve a new […]

Transcoding Choices for a Multiscreen World

As service providers increasingly seek to deliver their video offerings to IP connected devices, one of the greatest challenges they face is how to deliver high-quality content in the right format, securely- without overtaxing the access network. This paper explores the applications for home- and network-based transcoding, and previews some of the innovations that are […]

Migration Paths to CCAP

The cable industry has begun a multi-year migration toward a common platform for video and data. While CCAP defines a particular architecture, there are numerous ways to reach that converged endpoint. Drawing from the real-life experience that service providers have had to date, this paper recognizes the diversity and ongoing evolution of the headend and […]

Multiscreen Video & Piracy: The Big Picture

Pay TV operators and others are now embracing the world of OTT and multiscreen video, but the business models have in many cases still to be worked out. As more premium video services are made available over unmanaged networks to multiple devices, operators will face a growing threat of internet piracy. How aware are operators […]

Going DEEP into Discovery

This paper offers an in-depth look at a comprehensive new content discovery solution that combines search, recommendation and second-screen devices into a single immersive experience that invites exploration. Using a combination of sophisticated discovery and recommendation technologies and an innovative digital magazine format, it presents consumers with an endless variety of personalized TV and Web […]

Interactive TV: The Big Picture

TV service providers today are delivering an increasingly complex range of interactive services in response to changing viewing habits and the challenge of competition from OTT services. In a world where viewers now look for sophisticated user guides that encompass advanced search and recommendation, on-demand and catch-up services and access to web-based content, TV operators […]

Super Search Me! Ebook

Download Super Search Me!  a clear-eyed analysis of how the old grid video guide is crumbling under the pressure of enormous digital entertainment catalogs. Serious Pay TV, OTT and consumer electronics manufactures are adopting an entirely new way to help users find great content they will love to watch. This book is a visionary description […]

Verimatrix: Cardless Content Security: The Smarter choice for Hybrid Networks

Cardless Content Security: The Smarter choice for Hybrid Networks White paper from Frost & Sullivan on Next-Generation Content Protection This paper discusses the security challenges operators face as they embrace multi-network, or hybrid, architectures to implement next-generation TV Everywhere content services. While the complexity of the problem may seem insurmountable, there are technological advances that […]

IP Video: The Big Picture

The range of opportunities for consumers to access video content via IP has exploded over the last couple of years. This has been driven on the one hand by growing bandwidth, the proliferation of new IP-enabled devices including tablets, smartphones and Smart TVs. But it has also been enabled by the entry into the market […]