Whitepaper I Taking entertainment across borders: building OTT for the masses

OTT services have transformed the media industry, and now we have thousands of services that are catering to masses and niches with loads of entertainment content. The level of complexity for providers has risen multi-folds because now the digital outreach has increased globally and the user-base for a typical platform reaches millions. Especially when the platform and the content has to be tailored to different tastes and markets.

Our whitepaper titled – “Taking Entertainment Across Borders”, investigates the needs and various nuances of an OTT platform that aims to go global with its content and simultaneously generate revenues.

Through the 14-page whitepaper, you’ll find out how content, platform architecture, and the different stages of the digital media workflow needs to be optimized and managed to serve a massive global audience.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn;

  • How OTT industry and services have evolved
  • The components and various process involved in an OTT service
  • How providers can scale an OTT service
  • How to personalize the platform for a wider audience
  • What are the various monetization models
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