Report I The State of Online Video

As consumer adoption of online video has increased, patience for video interruptions is at an all-time low. Missed moments spoil live online viewing experiences, which means that providers must ensure low latency to lure viewers away from traditional TV.

Limelight Realtime Streaming solves this problem by enabling organizations to stream live video in less than a second, providing online viewers with the same experience enjoyed by broadcast viewers.

We want to offer you the Limelight ‘State of Online Video Report’ which highlights the latest findings in an ongoing series of consumer surveys about online viewing habits and opinions.
Over 5,000 consumers worldwide have been surveyed.

Some of the findings include:

  • Viewers are watching more online content. On average they spend six hours, 45 minutes per week watching various types of online video, an increase of one hour in the last year, and almost two and a half hours since 2016.
  • Cable subscribers pay for more streaming services than cord-cutters. Nearly 60 percent of worldwide consumers subscribe to at least one video on demand (VOD) service. Cable subscribers are supplementing (not replacing) traditional TV with online video.
  • Expectations for online video performance have risen and patience has dropped. After a second video rebuffer, nearly two-thirds (66 percent) of viewers will stop watching.