From money pit to honey pot. How to transform your video delivery into a money making machine – Download the Divitel Industry Briefing

Traditional media companies are caught in a spending trap, with costs of video delivery getting out of control. Spurred by competition from digital OTT players, not only have content costs ramped up, but non-content costs are rising as well, in a lot of cases, growing faster than revenue. In fact, if nothing is done, these non-content costs are expected to increase to unsustainable levels.

So what are these non-content costs about? They are for a large part related to video delivery becoming increasingly complex. The time and effort it takes to manage incidents, analyze root causes of failures and make changes to improve service quality is reaching unsustainable levels. Because of this complexity, video delivery operations today clearly see a direct correlation between the number of incidents (tickets), changes, customer satisfaction, operational costs, and revenue. When changes take place, the number of incidents increases, in turn having a negative impact on customer satisfaction, revenue (churn) and operational costs.

It is possible to change all of this.

To manage operations in a way that increases revenue and generates savings. To draw value from the same operations that today are causing the problems.

In three steps you can unlock all of the value that is currently hidden in your video delivery ecosystem. We have applied the same steps successfully ourselves and by doing this we have increased efficiency while eliminating the need to invest in staff, additional resources or support.

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