Vectra launches package for Ukrainians in Poland

Polish cable operator Vectra has launched a package aimed at Ukrainian viewers resident in the country.

Vectra UkraineThe new Ukraine package includes 10 channels in Ukrainian on a variety of genres spanning news, entertainment, sports, education and children’s programmes.

The 10 Ukrainian channels in HD quality are: 1+1 International HD, Kvartal TV HD, Dacha TV HD, Film UA Drama HD, Star Cinema HD, Star Family HD, Kus Kus HD, X-Sport HD, NIKI Kids HD and Nicki Junior HD.

The Ukraine package is available to all subscribers who have a Smart 4K Box TV set-top.

Customers can also access the content on a smartphone or tablet, and the service includes catch-pp TV, restart TV and cloud recording functions.

Additionally, as part of the Vectra OTT offering, TV Smart, all channels from the Ukraine package are available to users with internet connections from other providers

The Ukraine package is available to all current and new customers for PLN10 per month. It can also be acquired as part of the Start package from PLN 24.99 with the Smart 4K Box TV decoder included in the price.

1+1 International HD offers news, entertainment, reports and films. Kvartal TV HD offers educational and comedy programmes for viewers of all ages. Dacha TV HD provides shows related to home and garden, DIY and renovation. Film UA Drama HD shows films and series, including Ukrainian crime films, dramas and thrillers. Star Family HD offers a selection of films and series, Star Cinema HD highlights feature films, series and news from the world of cinema. Kus Kus HD is a lifestyle channel providing viewers with inspiration and entertainment related to their everyday lives, X-Sport HD gives coverage of sports events, such as volleyball, basketball, motorsport, hockey and MMA. NIKI Kids HD offers a mix of programmes for children aged 5 up, including content from French companies Studio Hari and Xilam. Nicki Junior HD is for children aged 1-16

Vectra’s offer in Ukrainian, apart from the new Ukraine package, also includes the Espreso channel as part of the Silver package and on OTT in the Start package.

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