24i powers launch of Covington Entertainment’s streamer

Streaming Tech company 24i has been tapped by media outfit Covington Entertainment Group to deploy its 24i Video Cloud to support the debut of streaming platform Culture Entertainment Network.

24iCovington Entertainment’s Culture Entertainment Network is a new service that provides a line-up of reality TV, films, lifestyle shows and TV series.

24i Video Cloud is tailored for OTT service providers that delivers scalable and customisable OTT and pay TV consumer offerings, according to the tech firm.

The tool is pre-integrated with Amagi’s playout solutions and Cleeng’s subscriber management. 24i Video Cloud’s Backstage serves as a backend tool that supports ingestion and management of metadata and images, says the company.

By deploying 24i Video Cloud Covington Entertainment will capitalise on the platform’s content discovery and smarter search features, as well as receive insights into viewing behaviour.

“Competition among video services has really intensified due to an unprecedented number of providers seeking to capture consumer interest. It’s our job to help our customers differentiate – whether it is with an irresistible UX, efficient operations for better margins, or powerful data to understand what viewers want,” said Donald McGarva, CEO of 24i and its parent company Aferian. “We are proud to help Culture Entertainment Group achieve its goal of providing high-quality, engaging content that people love to watch.”

“We are building a full-service film entertainment company that offers best-in-class experiences, so I am excited to add Culture Entertainment Network as a major piece of this vision,” said Michael Covington, CEO of Covington Entertainment Group. “Entering a crowded streaming market is challenging, which is why we are confident that 24i and its partners can deliver the adaptability and data analytics to help fuel our subscriber, content and revenue growth. It’s great to work with companies that have this level of proven experience.”

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