Grabyo & Veritone deliver AI-driven management and monetisation solution

Grabyo and Veritone are integrating their products to create a connected workflow to leverage AI-powered content management and monetisation.

Cloud-native live production and distribution platform, Grabyo, and AI solutions provider, Veritone, have teamed up to integrate their tech products to create an end-to-end, cloud-native connected workflow to streamline live digital content production, as well as leverage AI-powered  content management and monetisation tools.

GrabyoVeritone’s AI-powered media asset management and monetisation tool, Digital Media Hub, integrates with Grabyo’s live clipping and editing tools, with automated highlights and live stream logging.

The connected workflow aims to meet the evolving needs of sports organisations operating within a fast-paced digital landscape, according to the companies.

The joint project is built for quicker remote content capture, editing, distribution, storage, management, and monetisation.

“The convergence of AI and cloud technology is driving new opportunities for sports organizations to maximize the value of their content while meeting the evolving demands of audiences,” said Gareth Capon, CEO of Grabyo. “Our approach to AI has always been human-centered – introducing automation to workflows that empower creativity and scale output. Our partnership with Veritone does that – we’re accelerating digital content production with automation while maintaining editorial control for sports organizations, and providing a solution to efficiently manage and monetize assets through Veritone’s innovative AI media asset management platform.”

“The landscape of sports media is becoming increasingly complex with the fragmentation of content sources such as live feeds, video on demand and archives from previous events. This presents challenges for sports organizations aiming to maximize the value of their media assets,” said Sean King, general manager for Veritone, media and entertainment. “By embracing solutions like Grabyo’s live clipping and editing tools and Veritone’s Digital Media Hub, sports federations, rights holders and other organizations can enhance efficiency, improve audience engagement and unlock new revenue streams in an increasingly competitive media landscape.”

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