TSTT taps Zappware for NEXX 5 client

ZappwareTelecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) has selected Zappware’s NEXX 5 product suite to replace its legacy client for TV.

Zappware says that NEXX 5 features a UX multiscreen client framework and scalable back-office tools that allow operators like TSTT to create their own UX experiences and take control of their own deployments. The demo setup at the Zappware booth at IBC 2023 showcased the NEXX 5 UX framework ability to create and manage the operator-specific UX.

As Trinidad and Tobago’s largest and most advanced provider of integrated communications solutions, TSTT is committed to continuous innovation and is highly focused on video streaming over a mobile network (HEVC). The NEXX5 solution is designed for broadcasters and brands looking to lzaunch of video, allowing them to create their own tailored entertainment environments.

“This latest partnership highlights Zappware’s NEXX 5 core proposition: it allows operators like TSTT to really tailor entertainment experiences for their subscribers on the spot, with no technical hurdles,” said Ives Decraene, executive board member Zappware/ZEGI Group.

“TSTT has a mandate to provide cutting-edge, world-class solutions that make it easier for individuals and businesses to better manage their many priorities. By adopting the NEXX 5 entertainment experience, we have the opportunity to increase stickiness, brand-loyalty and generate additional revenue streams beyond traditional TV viewing,” said Lisa Agard, CEO of TSTT.

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