Orange Moldova turns to Zappware for Android TV launch

Service provider Orange Moldova has launched an Android TV-based service using the Nexx4.0 technology provided by Zappware.

Zappware, now part of the Zurich-based ZEGI Group following its acquisition of iWedia, is continuing to expand its Android TV deployments with the Orange group with this new hybrid IP and DVB-C TV offering.

Zappware’s software brings a hybrid setup of DVB-C in up to 4K UHD quality and over-the-top internet connectivity.

Zappware has deployed Android TV with several subsidiaries like the Orange Group. Based on the same base layer, Zappware can customize the feature set and the look to target the specific needs of each operating company.

The Orange Moldova deployment enables viewers to see almost 200 live TV channels with recording for play/pause functionality, based on a Nexx4.0-powered set-top box.

The Android TV environment allows the integration of third party broadcaster and content apps on the platform.

Patrick Vos, Executive Partner ZEGI Group, said: “We are proud to add Orange Moldova to our list of customers that highly value the blend of great user experience and ease of use with the right technology choices.
Combining the traditional DVB-C channels with 3rd party OTT streaming services, the Zappware platform will enable Orange Moldova to turn its viewers into real entertainment fans!”

Ludmila Nistorică, chief marketing officer, Orange Moldova, said: “At Orange Moldova, we are committed to continuously improving the TV experience for our customers. The Zappware expertise and agility contributed to the launch of Orange TV Box 4K, meant to enrich our TV content with new services and functionalities. The new platform is the foundation for our next TV-centric services we aim to launch to respond to the evolving customer expectations.”

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