Accedo teams up with Magnifi to deliver AI-powered sports highlights

Video solutions provider, Accedo, has partnered with Magnifi by VideoVerse, an AI-driven video technology company and video-editing SaaS platform, to bring AI-powered sports highlights to its Android TV framework, Accedo Launcher.

The integration will enable Accedo Launcher customers to provide end users with AI-powered sports highlights and key moments, in an efficient, and cost-effective way, according to the tech outfit.

Accedo Launcher is a Google certification-ready, specialist product framework that enables global TV operators to replace the standard Android TV Operator Tier Launcher with a consistent set-top box Android TV experience that is customised to their brand.

The company said the integration of Magnifi by Videoverse into Accedo Launcher will seamlessly connect Magnifi’s AI-powered processes with Accedo’s customers’ sports video content. Magnifi by Videoverse enables content owners and right-holders to extract automated AI-powered highlights and key moments from sports events for delivery to end users.

Bleuenn Le Goffic, VP strategy and business development, Accedo, said: “There is a growing demand from sports fans for real-time access to short-form videos showing highlights and key moments from sports events. This integration will enable Accedo Launcher customers to improve engagement by meeting that demand, in a cost-effective way. As more TV operators and broadcasters move to cloud-based workflows, seamless integration has become a critical requirement, and this partnership delivers on that front too.”

Meghna Krishna, CRO, Magnifi by VideoVerse, added: “This collaboration between Accedo and Magnifi will not only enhance users’ workflow efficiency but will also improve sports fans’ engagement while delivering the required content. With our AI-powered platform, we’re committed to empowering customers to meet the evolving demands of sports fans by providing real-time highlights and short videos”.

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