Redge Media powers FreeTV launch in Isarel

Israel’s OTT TV platform FreeTV has launched with more than 50 live channels, powered by technology outfit Redge Technologies’ Redge Media.
FreeTV debuts on the market featuring Israeli broadcasters, sports networks, children’s programming, and an entertainment offering. A joined venture of Keshet media group and RGE group, FreeTV said it launches with tens of thousands of VOD assets. It also has catch-up and multi-screen capabilities, allowing viewers to rewind, pause and catch up on missed episodes.
The streaming service is powered by Redge Media as an end-to-end deployment that encompasses SDP and VDP, including Redge Media CDN.
Redge Media provides a complete video streaming platform for broadcasters and telcos. It consists of the Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and the Video Delivery Platform (VDP), which enable superior streaming services. The SDP provides DAM, CMS and multi-screen applications. The VDP includes transcoding, multi-DRM, origin and CDN distribution.
FreeTV is accessible via mobile devices, and a range of connected TVs, including Android TV, Samsung, LG, and Hisense models. The platform features a state-of-the-art user interface and offers a modern and customisable experience specifically tailored to the needs of right-to-left speakers.
Andrzej Nowak, Implementation Department director at Redge Technologies said: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to deploy our cutting-edge solutions and deliver an exceptional viewing experience to audiences in the MENA region. This milestone further strengthens our position as a global leader in the streaming industry.”

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