Gracenote launches FAST acceleration programme

Gracenote, the content solutions unit of audience research giant Nielsen, has unveiled a new programme to help content publishers and broadcasters of all sizes get FAST channels and programming distributed by major streaming platforms more easily.

Using data enrichment services, the Gracenote FAST Program will help Gracenote customers accelerate time-to-market for their FAST offerings. According to the company.

Gracenote says it is tapping into the need for high-quality normalized metadata and connected content IDs to facilitate distribution on streaming platforms, drive programme and channel visibility and increase viewership.

Programme participants that submit their channel portfolios directly to Gracenote will benefit from expert enrichment of editorial and contextual data plus access to programme imagery which drives increased channel engagement, while assignment of Gracenote IDs to participants’ content streamlines placement on major streaming platforms through Gracenote Listing Distribution Services and enables easier content discovery, the company says.

Programme participants receive a “Gracenote Certified” designation giving them an advantage when pitching their FAST offerings to platforms which prefer and in some cases require standardized Gracenote metadata and IDs. This label ensures that all data meets the various requirements for the streaming platforms.

“The rapid rise of FAST has been one of the most notable recent developments in the global video ecosystem. Based on our position at the heart of this ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to help content publishers from small to large benefit from the maturation of FAST and we look forward to helping them achieve better FAST content visibility, consumption and monetization through our Program,” said Vikram Kulkarni, VP, strategic initiatives, EMEA at Gracenote.

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