Israel’s yes taps Synamedia for watermarking

Video software provider Synamedia today announced that yes, the pay TV subsidiary of Israeli telco Bezeq and largest IPTV service provider in Israel, has deployed its ContentArmor distribution watermarking solution to enhance protection of its streaming services. 

Alain Durand

ContentArmor allows yes to target its anti-piracy efforts with affiliates and business partners by giving it visibility of compromised broadcast platforms. This new distribution watermarking solution is part of Synamedia’s ContentArmor forensic video watermarking family that protects content investments, identifies malicious users, and prevents piracy.

Synamedia said it was chosen by yes because it met the requirements of being easy to deploy, encoder agnostic, and able to support yes’ disaster recovery environment. The tech company said that yes was able to go live with ContentArmor in less than a week in July 2023.

Itzhak Elyakim, VP of Engineering and CTO at yes, said, “We first started looking at head-end watermarking to meet security standards set by the national regulator and main national broadcasters here in Israel. As we investigated further, we could see that a distribution watermarking solution would be more suited to our needs, giving us the security insight we need, as well as meeting compliance. As a long-standing user of Synamedia’s security on our traditional satellite broadcast services, we knew we could trust Synamedia’s technology and teams to meet our streaming anti-piracy strategies.”

Alain Durand, senior director of business development at Synamedia, said, “As operators invest in premium content for their streaming services, it’s important to be able to quickly identify any leaks and take action to disrupt those pirate streams. Our ContentArmor distribution watermarking system makes this process easy and affordable, adding a new layer of security that helps operators stay one step ahead of the pirates.”


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