Tele Columbus appoints key housing industry specialist

Pÿur Tele ColumbusGerman cable operator Tele Columbus, which operates under the PŸUR brand, has named Thomas J. Kollmann as key account director for the housing industry in southern and southwestern Germany and managing director of KMS GmbH and Pepcom GmbH. He will start work on March 1.

Kollmann worked for Kabel Deutschland and Vodafone for 10 years and managed the housing industry’s major customer business for southern Germany, and is a qualified real estate economist.

Working in distribution of software solutions for the European real estate industry, he finally found his way to Kabel Deutschland and subsequently to Vodafone and was responsible for working with the housing industry.

Kollmann will also take over the management of Kabel Fernsehen München ServiCenter GmbH (KMS), which belongs to Tele Columbus, as well as the management of the sister company Pepcom GmbH.

“With Thomas J. Kollmann, we have succeeded in gaining a personality for Tele Columbus with a proven profile for the housing industry in southern and southwestern Germany, who will act as a partner between us as a leading cable and fibre optic network operator and the housing industry,” said Markus Oswald, CEO and chairman of Tele Columbus AG.

Separately, Rüdiger Schmidt, Chief Sales Officer Housing Industry & Infrastructure (CSO HI&I) and Managing Director in the Tele Columbus Group, is to leave the company at his own request after 34 years.


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