Portugal’s NOS continues tech patent push with zapping breakthrough

Leading Portuguese telco and media company NOS has registered a ‘zapping’ patent in the US, according to local media. The tech covered by the patent analyses users’ zapping patterns to make the way they change channels more seamless. The innovation is the latest in a series of tech-based patents filed by NOS.

In a statement sent to Pplware, João Ferreira, director of NOS Innovation, said the tech learns about a particular user’s behaviour over a period of time and then predicts where they are likely to go next – based on typical usage. This makes it possible to increase speed and improve the zapping experience.

“This is an example of how data science, as well as artificial intelligence, can help improve the performance of current and future products,” said Ferreira. “We want to develop an intelligent NOS ecosystem that is a reference, not only in the national market, but also internationally.” All information is anonymised and confidential.

The zapping patent is part of a wider strategy driven by NOS CEO Miguel Alemida to ensure the company is seen as an innovator on the global stage. NOS has invested heavily in 5G and other media and telco-based tech. In its Q1 2023 results, the company said: “Strengthening its mission as a catalyst for innovation, NOS Innovation was the Portuguese organisation with the fourth highest number of patents requested for registration with the European Patent Institute (IEP) in 2022. Among those registered were solutions in the areas of AI and computer vision.

Supporting this goal, NOS has joined forces with the National Innovation Agency (ANI) to challenge Higher Education Institutions to put forward innovative solutions that explore the potential of 5G for home security and sporting performance.

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