On-demand platform ITVX hits 2 billion streams in first nine months

Vanishing Act

ITV’s heavily-backed streaming platform ITVX has hit 2 billion streams since its official launch in December 2022. This figure is a marked improvement on ITV’s streaming performance before ITVX was launched. For 2022, the UK commercial broadcaster achieved 1.9 billion streams across the entire 12 months.

Breaking the figures down as a year on year comparison, ITVX attracted 29% more monthly active users (MAU’s) in January to June than ITV’s previous streaming arrangements – reaching a total figure of 12.5 million. Of particular significance, the new service is attracting light TV viewers, a key target audience for the broadcaster, with viewing in that specific demo up 93% across the first six months in 2023.

According to ITV, viewers are also staying on ITVX for longer with streaming hours up 33% to 737 million hours and a 22% increase in dwell time in the same period. Since ITVX achieved its first billion streams at Easter 2023, platform premieres including Six Four and Vanishing Act have brought in millions more streams and so far this year, Love Island has been streamed more than 335 million times. The FIFA Women’s World Cup is ITVX’s most watched sport since April with 15 million streams while the Tour de France was streamed 5 million times, a 34% increase on last year.

ITV has invested heavily in drama to drive ITVX’s growth. Upcoming scripted highlights include psychological drama Love & Death, Cary Grant biopic series Archie and period drama The Winter King. Big Brother is also coming to ITV this autumn and will feature prominently as part of ITVX’s output.

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