NPAW: FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 streaming rose by 20%

Women’s World CupFIFA’s Women’s World Cup 2023 (WWC) set new streaming records, according to data compiled by quality assurance specialist NPAW Solutions.

Compared to the average of the 90 days prior to the tournament’s start, total plays and playtime of the cup surged by 20% during game days.

It was reported the average playtime per user rose by 32%, accompanied by a slight boost of 5% in unique users. Daily playtime for the average user during the WWC neared 59.7 minutes, an average of one hour of football viewing per day.

According to NPAW, the total number of plays during the WWC rounds followed a relatively stable trend. However, viewership peaked during the Argentina vs. South Africa game which took place on July 28 and the England and Spain final on August 20. Whereas, the Sweden and Australia match was among the least viewed games of the tournament.

The UK broadcaster BBC reported the England’s defeat to Spain was watched by an audience of 12 million on its linear channel BBC One, alongside an additional 3.9 million streams on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport Online.

Despite, the number of plays of the men’s FIFA World Cup of 2022 outnumbering this year’s women’s edition, NPAW said the WWC final saw a 202% increase in plays compared to other games. The final also saw a 40% rise in comparison to other games.

NPAW’s findings showed the majority of viewers preferred the big-screen viewing experience to stream the WWC, with set-top boxes and TVs combined accounting for 75.2% of total playtime. In comparison, smartphones and PCs, together accounted for 22.4%.

The company said,”This major spike underscores the growing interest in women’s football, which culminated in the riveting final duel between La Roja and the Lionesses.

“Overall, what these insights tell us is unequivocal – women’s football is gaining attention and momentum like never before. The WWC has undoubtedly sparked renewed interest and engagement, ushering a new era for the sport and the way it is streamed globally.”

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