Brightcove enhances video cloud platform with audience segmentation features

Streaming tech company outfit Brightcove has rolled out audience segmentation features on its video cloud platform that allows customers to create audience segments based on video engagement data.

The two new enhancements include Audience Sync, which allows customers to connect and sync to marketing integrations (like MAPs/CRMs) directly in Video Cloud for more streamlined access. While Segment Sync pulls video engagement data to form target audience groups that can sync with Audience Sync for more effective marketing and communications campaigns

Brightcove customers who use Marketing Studio or Communications Studio can build these custom analytics reports in Brightcove’s Video Cloud Analytics Module to create segments that can then sync with MAPs/CRMs, and are able to easily access and use video engagement data to generate reports based on video views and their behaviors.

The company said, “These new features help marketers across enterprise organizations that focus on demand generation campaigns and those who serve in communications and marketing operations teams that need to reach audiences based on data that can group them around key metrics like engagement, location, devices and more.”

“This way, marketers can enjoy an easier workflow by not having to reinvent the wheel in their MAP and CRM systems to build tailored segments and campaigns.”

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