3SS adds YouTube as content partner for 3Ready

TV technology provider 3SS has added YouTube as a content partner for its 3Ready video entertainment platform and ecosystem.

The company says that deeper integration of the YouTube recommendation API into 3Ready will enable video service providers and carmakers to cherry-pick from among the array of YouTube content to deliver to customers. This includes integration of YouTube APIs to surface and deep-link YouTube content recommendation sacross screens.

Nordic pay TV operator Allente will be among the first to use this YouTube integration within the 3Ready platform. Allente will be able to visually curate YouTube content including curated lists within the entertainment experiences it provides to its customers across a range of consumer devices.

As a result of this pre-integration, Allente, and fellow video service providers, can offer customers YouTube playlists and event-based content. Providers can choose topic-specific content clusters, grouped around areas of interest, like fitness or business for example, pre-curated by YouTube itself. These can include Trending Content, New Music, Sports News, Top News, Top Music, music genre, games, and movies.

3SS said that the 3Ready Control Center would also allow service providers can efficiently manage and optimize UI/UX in a unified way across STBs (Linux, RDK and Android TV), Smart TV, web, mobile devices, and in-car entertainment screens

“We’re extremely excited that YouTube has selected 3SS as partner to scale YouTube across operator and carmaker platforms. Our trailblazing integration enables service providers including car OEMs toseamlessly curate content that people love across screens,” said Pierre Donath, CPO & CMO at 3SS.

“With 3Ready, our operators benefit from dramatically reduced integration and certification efforts, and with the integration of YouTube Recommendation API it’s easier than ever to centrally manage, curate and deliver a content-first user experience across devices. This brings us closer to the vision where entertainment super-aggregators, whether telcos, pay TV providers, or carmakers for in-vehicle entertainment, can deliver holistic, user-centric content discovery and access.”

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