Super RTL’s Toggo now in cars with 3SS-enabled Android Automotive app

TOGGO Automotive - Renault - image 1AGerman entertainment channel Super RTL’s kids streaming service Toggo is now available to cars whose infotainment systems run on Android Automotive OS, in a move enabled by technology outfit 3SS’s 3Ready platform.

Claiming to have delivered the world’s first kids app natively available on Android Automotive, 3SS said the app will be available to selected Android Automotive OS enabled vehicles in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), including those running Google Automotive Services.

Car manufacturers this applies to include Polestar, Volvo and Renault, with Ford and Honda models soon to join their ranks.

Currently, the app is accessible from car’s centre display and streaming is possible while the car is parked.

The partners said they are in ongoing collaboration with Google to ensure the Toggo app and the user environment fully comply with all safety requirements.

Early discoveries from the deployment process have included methodologies for adapting the service to OEMs’ various IVI screen sizes and dimensions, including accommodating portrait and landscape orientation. User behaviour and preferences will be captured, analysed and compared with the UX when accessing Toggo on a mobile device, Smart TV or desktop, the pair said.

Toggo features an array of content for children aged 2-13 years. Alongside German-language kids’ TV shows, Toggo offers videos and its own dedicated digital radio station, Toggo Radio.

The debut of the service for vehicles further builds on an established partnership between Super RTL and 3SS. Toggo went live with its  3SS-engineered multiscreen entertainment platform in May 2022, which followed earlier launches of 3SS-enabled Toggo apps for Fire TV and Android TVs.

“As Toggo we always want to innovate and be where our target audience is. To be able to provide our kid-centric entertainment service to vehicles highlights and supports this vision. With the ongoing support of 3SS, we’re delivering our wide selection of content to the in-vehicle environment, with a functional and intuitive UX to entertain young people while travelling,” said Robert Dube, Head of Product & Data Toggo Digital at Super RTL Fernsehen GmbH.

“The automotive infotainment sector creates a chance for content services to further engage with their existing customers and potentially attract new ones in this completely new distribution category, one which is still untapped by the big OTT platforms. Furthermore, by joining the 3Ready platform, content providers such as Toggo get early mover advantage, and benefit from being one of the first to appear in automotive app stores. This project will provide deep insights into what real end-user behavior looks like; we are able to validate our assumptions in a live environment and optimize our award-winning experience towards the unique needs and use cases of an embedded car solution,” said Tomasz Dzikowski, Head of Automotive Product at 3SS.

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