Telecentro taps Airties for Smart Wi-fi deployment in Argentina

Wi-Fi solutions provider Airties has been tapped by Telecentro to deploy its Smart Wi-fi software and services to cable and fiber broadband subscribers across Argentina.

Airties’ smart Wi-Fi SaaS offering also includes Airties Edge smart Wi-Fi software for gateways; Airties Cloud, a Wi-Fi management platform and a customised version of Airties’ companion app; as well as Wi-Fi 6 mesh extenders.

Airties leverages both the embedded intelligence in customer premises equipment (CPE) and the cloud to maximise responsiveness and performance. Airties Edge, smart Wi-Fi software for Telecentro’s gateways/routers, intelligently directs consumers’ devices to the best available Wi-Fi access point and frequency band based on real-time network conditions. The software, based on industry standard Wi-Fi EasyMeshTM, turns existing home gateways/modems into an intelligent Wi-Fi mesh access point, improving the quality and stability of connectivity within the home.

Airties Cloud monitors and orchestrates Wi-Fi across homes, optimising Telecentro’s broadband gateways and mesh extenders in real-time. This aims to ensure a better quality of experience for consumers, while providing insights on connected devices. While, Airties’ app is a customisable companion app which allows consumers to visualise and intuitively manage their home connectivity, as well as control who has access to the network via parental and guest controls.

Juan Luna, CTIO of Telecentro said: “After a thorough evaluation, we selected Airties as our strategic supplier because consumers today expect the best possible connectivity right down to the device. Great coverage and seamless Wi-Fi experience is key.”

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