PPF Telecom Group names new Yettel Hungary CEO

Czech-based PPF Telecom Group, the investment outfit of Renáta Kellnerová, has named Igor Prerovsky as the new CEO of Hungarian telco Yettel Hungary.

Igor Prerovsky

Igor Prerovsky

From September, Prerovsky will overseel PPF Telecom’s business in Hungary and join the parent company’s telecoms leadership team.

Prerovsky replaces Peter Gažík, who is to take over as CEO of Slovak broadcaster TV Markíza, part of PPF-owned Central European Media Enterprises (CME).

He is returning to PPF after four years in charge of fintech at Creative Dock Group, an investment outfit focusing on finance and telco projects.

From 2006 through 2019 he held senior executive positions at Home Credit, PPF Group’s global consumer finance franchise, running Home Credit’s operations in the USA, Vietnam, and China.

His appointment at Yettel Hungary marks his comeback to the telco business, having worked between 2000 and 2006 as Vice-President for brand strategy and communications at Oskar Mobile, now Vodafone Czech Republic.

“First, I want to thank Peter Gazik for successfully turning Yettel Hungary into a full-fledged mobile service provider with the rollout of the largest 5G network in Hungary, the introduction of new home internet connectivity, and digital TV services. All that was achieved while successfully rebranding the company to Yettel last year. I congratulate Peter on his new appointment as the CEO of TV Markíza within the greater PPF family, upkeeping with the group’s tradition of preferring to move and nurture our talent within,” said Balesh Sharma, CEO of PPF Telecom Group.

“We use Peter’s movement as an opportunity to bring back Igor, who has had an illustrious career with PPF Group. This appointment will boost PPF Telecom Group’s endeavors to bring our customers cutting-edge telco and online services experience combined. I welcome Igor on board and wish Peter and Igor all the best in their new roles.”

Outgoing CEO Gazik said: “In the past three years, Yettel experienced an immense transformation. We have fully embarked on the journey of a mobile-centric operator and done so when facing pandemic-driven restrictions and later challenging macroeconomic environment headwinds. I am confident that Yettel has a clear direction to go forward and grow further under Igor’s leadership.”

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