Comprimato introduces cloud service approach for on-demand live framerate conversion

Software-based encoding and transcoding tech specialist Comprimato has introduced a cloud service approach for framerate conversion for live broadcasting.

In collaboration with motion compensated processing specialist InSync Technology, Comprimato has developed a software solution which provides uncompromised, low latency, realtime framerate conversion. Running on standard hardware, it can be readily spun up in the cloud as production companies use it.

The product allows Comprimato to present framerate conversion as a software-as-a-service, with various business models to match the needs of the user, including charging by the hour.

According to company,  high quality motion compensated realtime conversion has traditionally demanded expensive hardware, however Comprimato’s cloud service offering can be integrated with the company’s transcoding if required.

Integration with Comprimato’s encoding and transcoding services means that signals from the venue can be encoded in any format, including JPEG-XS, JPEG2000, H.264 or NDI, then as a cloud SaaS be processed and delivered to any destination anywhere in the world, ready for broadcast.

The company said its new development is transformative for broadcasters and production companies needing to move live signals between 50 fps and 59.94 fps territories.

Jiri Matela, CEO of Comprimato added: “Broadcasters and producers just need to budget modest fees for signal processing when they need it, rather than invest six-figure sums in specialist hardware. It means more feeds and services can be carried from major events, and perhaps even more exciting it means sports and entertainment which could not justify the cost of live international broadcasting in the past can now step up alongside the biggest players.”

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