Spotify engages in talks to launch full-length music videos

Music streaming platform Spotify is reportedly mulling over plans to add full-length music videos to the app, in an aim to rival with video platforms YouTube and TikTok.

US trade Bloomberg reported the streaming service is engaged in talks with its partners about introducing the new feature the app.

Currently, Spotify allows Canvas for artists which is an 8-second visual loop that shows in a vertical format to fill the screen. It appears in the Now Playing View instead of the album artwork.

The Canvas is an MP4 or JPG file which are 3-8 seconds long, vertical 9:16 ratio between 720px – 1080px tall.

Earlier the year, Spotify also launched Clips on Spotify which are attached to artist profiles and can be attached to tracks and albums. The new product aims to put music at the centre of the experience so viewers can easily listen after watching your videos.

The under-30-second vertical videos are uploaded directly to Spotify for Artists. It can be attached to an artist profile, to a song, to an album, or to an upcoming release. Listeners will be able to view and engage with Clips on your artist profile, on album pages, and on the Countdown Pages.

Last week, the company also revealed it reached the milestone of more than 100,000 video podcasts on Spotify.

Spotify have yet to comment.

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