CDNetworks taps Irdeto for cybersecurity

Cybersecurity firm Irdeto has been tapped by CDNetworks for its multi-DRM solution for the company’s video streaming platforms.

CDNetworks will use Irdeto Controlbe to protect its client’s premium video content and confidently scale its streaming services. The integrated solution provides content creators and distributors with one-stop digital content protection for their video streaming business.

Irdeto Control is a high-performing and scalable multi-DRM solution at the center of OTT content delivery activities. It is a MovieLabs-compliant solution offered as a cloud hosted fully managed service. Generating keys for content encryption, administering content usage rules, and issuing playback licenses are done simply and reliably. The solution provides insights, operation visibility and supervision with real-time business reports and proactive monitoring.

Irdeto Control ensures that CDNetworks clients can maximise their OTT video service’s scalability and revenue potential by safeguarding it against illegal streaming activities. Currently, Irdeto Control issues more than 17 billion DRM license transactions a month and processes over 100,000 requests per second.

Through the partnership with Irdeto, CDNetworks will meet the specific distribution needs of different clients, including supporting diverse devices running in varied ecosystems (Google, Apple, Microsoft) and various streaming protocols, allowing customers to seamlessly implement user-based security protection strategies, which was not previously possible.

“With the rise of digital media piracy, DRM has become an essential tool for content creators and distributors. By adding this technology by Irdeto to our platform, we now have more comprehensive ways to help our clients protect their valuable content and ensure that it is accessed only by authorized users,” said Doyle Deng, Head of Global Marketing and Product of CDNetworks. “We are excited to announce our cooperation with Irdeto to further enhance our media security capabilities. This integration reinforces our commitment to delivering the fastest and most secure digital experience at the Edge.”

“Working with CDNetworks was a clear choice for us due to their expertise and reputation as a trusted CDN provider in the APAC market. The combination of our expertise and comprehensive set of best-in-class tools and solutions will establish an extraordinary level of quality, security, and viewing experience for its clients.”, stated Andrew Bunten, the Chief Operating Officer for Video Entertainment at Irdeto.

CDNetworks has offered OTT platforms streaming services for major international sporting events, including for the English Premier League, Asian Cup, and Southeast Asian Games. With over 200,000 servers and 2,800 CDN Points of Presence, its content delivery network covers more than 70 countries and regions.

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