Sky launches Sky Live interactive smart camera for multi-household viewing

sky live

Sky is enhancing its Sky Glass integrated TV offering by launching Sky Live, a new interactive camera that is designed to enable viewers to share the viewing experience with family and friends, work out, play and make video calls on their TV sets.

According to Sky, the device enables people to see and hear people located elsewhere on the TV alongside the programme they are watching, enabling them to discuss the show with up to 12 other households equipped with the same using a dedicated Watch Together button on screen. The Watch Together feature does not currently support UHD programmes. Users can also play a range of multiplayer games with each other.

Auto-tracking of individuals in the living room means that participants are always on screen and in focus, according to the pay TV operator. The Sky Live offering also comes with background noise suppression technology.

Mvmnt, an exclusive fitness app, developed in partnership with WithU, enables users to choose from over 130 interaccive workout including pilates and yoga classes. Body tracking technology analyses the form of the participating individual, providing real-tine feedback.

Sky Live also comes with motion control technology that enables AI-powered body tracking and gesture control of the TV.

A VideoBooth feature enagbles users to capute short videos and photos on the TV. Sky Live also comes with AR filters to enabe users to iembed their iamges in shows.

Sky plans to add a karaoke app from Stingray to the offering soon.

The device’s video call feature allows subscribers to make Zoom calls from their sofa in HD quality, and users can switch from a mobile call to their TV if they are signed into the same account on Sky Live.

The service is available in the UK for £6 per month interest-free credit on a 48-month contract, £12 per month on a 24-month contract, or £290 for a one-off payment.

Sky Glass is available from £14 a month of for £26 when bunlded with  Sky TV, Netflix and discovery+

“We surprised everyone when we launched our streaming TV, Sky Glass, in 2021. Now we’re doing it again. Sky Live makes your TV much more than just a TV, by introducing new entertainment experiences for the heart of your home,” said Fraser Stirling, global chief product officer at Sky.

“Get active with motion control games, work out with body tracking technology, video call on the big screen and watch TV with loved ones – even from afar. And this is just the start. With our powerful Entertainment OS ecosystem, it will keep getting better with every update.”

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