Viasat CEO on Inmarsat acquisition

Mark Dankberg

Viasat boss Mark Dankberg has released a statement commenting on the acquisition of Inmarsat, following approval from the European Commission (EC).

Viasat and Inmarsat supply businesses globally with satellite connectivity that enables services such as the internet, email, and video calling – including for use on aircraft.

The EC cleared the merger in May, after receiving approval from UK’s Competition & Markets Authority and the US Federal Communications Commission.

In an official statement, Dankberg said, “This acquisition means great opportunities for us, but this combination is not in itself the means to success. Now we must thoughtfully integrate two companies into a single cohesive team with common purpose, shared insights, targeted innovation, and trusted service delivery.”

An in-depth investigation was launched in February by the EC to assess the proposed $7.3bn sale of Inmarsat to Viasat. The Commission was concerned that the transaction may allow Viasat to reduce competition in the market for the supply of broadband in-flight connectivity (IFC) services to commercial airlines. It had until 29 June 2023, to take a decision.

The CEO highlighted the company’s key themes for integration to drive growth will include enabling roaming, dynamic bandwidth optimization, harmonizing kits, harmonising plans and service level agreements (slas), business model evolution and direct to device.

He added, “We have the ingredients to be very successful in large growth markets. Success will not be a one-dimensional thing – it will not come from being all things to all people. Instead, we can be highly successful offering the most attractive value propositions to carefully selected market segments – earning the business, respect and trust of our entire ecosystem of customers, end-users, suppliers, partners, investors, and the many partner nations where we offer service. Fortunately, we already have solid foundations in many of the segments that we target.”

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