VlogBox adds The Weatherbies to Kids Room TV channel

CTV channel development and monetisation platform, VlogBox, has struck a deal with The Weatherbies Ltd to include its educational animated programme to VlogBox’s Kids Room TV channel.

Weatherbies has signed a two year deal with VlogBox to add the environmental-focused series of the same title to the Kids Room TV channel.

Kids Room TV is a new Kids’ edutainment CTV channel, created by VlogBox aimed at developing new skills for children during their leisure time while keeping it fun and simple. The channel is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV and is due to launch on Apple TV.

Fun Topics with the Weatherbies and Storytime with the Weatherbies focuses on the importance of climate awareness. It aims to teach young children how they can have a positive impact by changing their day-to-day behaviour to help create a sustainable environment through educational songs, animated videos and stories. The series delivers environmental educational facts and offer resources to support learning and teaching in primary schools.

VlogBox said, “This partnership is great for us both because we at VlogBox are happy to do what we’re really good at – to deliver “The Weatherbies” on CTV and gain a new audience for the animated series. We’re happy to support the idea of climate awareness and make it more available to a wider audience as well – states Nick Platonenko, CEO and co-founder of VlogBox. I believe this partnership will bring benefits to everyone – “The Weatherbies,” VlogBox, and indeed for the viewers.”

The Weatherbies added: “This partnership will bring the Weatherbies to the next level of global reach to children everywhere and the eco-friendly message of a sustainable future. Our children are our young Eco-Ambassadors.’ – Yvonne Fleming, CEO of The Weatherbies Ltd.”

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