FAST provider Love TV Channels taps RTLAdAlliance to sell CTV ad rights

Love TV Channels Love WineBarcelona-based FAST channels provider Love TV Channels has chosen RTL AdAlliance to sell the advertising rights for its recently launched offering.

RTL AdAlliance will be including the channels Love Wine, Trailers and Love The Planet in its connected TV portfolio.

Love The Planet is a digital TV channel dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and highlighting opportunities to tackle environmental problems and create a more sustainable world. Using various formats – such as documentaries, weekend marathons, TV programmes and DIY shows – issues of sustainability, nature, environmental protection and climate awareness are raised and discussed. The programming caters to local audiences with country-specific studios and content. On the German-language channel, ORF’s Selber garteln, lohnt sich das? – Die Wahrheit über Urban Farming covers projects promoting urban farming and balcony gardening.

Love the Planet is exclusively available on Samsung TV Plus.

Love Wine offers documentaries and stories about wineries around the world. The channel Trailers is dedicated to the most recent news from the entertainment industry, with interviews, behind the scenes content, and trailers.

RTL AdAlliance said that advertisers will be able to book TV spots within a linear ad break integrated into the highly audience-specific live channels, replicating a traditional TV ad experience, which at the same time offers the advanced targeting standards of digital advertising.

Stephen Byrne, executive Director New Partnerships Europe and MD Nordics at smartclip, part of RTL AdAlliance, said:  “Consumers today are watching more differentiated video content than ever before. Online offerings like FAST channels complement traditional TV programming as well as on- demand subscription services. This fragmentation presents advertisers with both challenges and opportunities. FAST channels certainly fall into the latter category by enabling advertisers to reach specific audience segments. By placing climate change topics in an easy-to-digest and accessible format, the channel will help viewers expand their understanding of environmental issues. We are delighted about this cooperation with Love TV Channels.”

Teresa López, CEO and co-founder of Love TV Channels, said: Our channel selection is designed for unique preferences. With Love The Planet in particular, we have a channel in our portfolio that offers high quality and engaging content appealing to a growing, environmentally conscious target group, while creating suitable advertising space for brands looking for audience-generating and brand-safe content. To unlock the full potential of our portfolio, RTL AdAlliance integrates our channels into a comprehensive CTV advertising offering that meets advertisers’ expectations.”

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