Bundled offers driving SVOD growth in Finland

Consumption of streaming video in Finland is on the rise, according to the latest reserch from Mediavision.

mediavision finlandAccording to the research outfit, subscribing SVOD households have passed the 1.5 million threshold, corresponding to a penetration of 61%. This is equivalent to an annual growth rate of 8% in subscribing households.

As in the other Nordic countries, the growth can largely be attributed to the packaging of both traditional TV and streaming services offered by telecom operators, according to Mediavision.

The number of households that take a bundled, or B-SVOD, streaming subscription has almost doubled in a year. Close to 400,000 households subscribe to a bundled streaming service in Finland, according to the research outfit.

The bundled SVOD growth has been at play across all Nordic countries, but highest in Finland. However, the overall absolute share of households that take this type of streaming service is still higher in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The average household spend on TV and streaming is also noticeably lower in Finland. Finns spend an average of €32 per month compared to an average of €50 for the entire Nordic region.

“Penetration as well as household spend on streaming is growing roughly as fast in Finland as in the rest of the Nordic countries. But overall, Finland is still behind the rest of the Nordic countries, following a historically weaker pay TV market,” said Fredrik Liljeqvist at Mediavision.

“The recent growth is to a high degree explained by the bundling of different media and access packages, creating a ‘1+1 = 3’ offering to households. Mediavision believes that this will be one of the main roads forward, as the market moves towards maturity and new subscribers are increasingly hard to come by.”

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