Deezer unveils anime channel, AnimeVerse

Global music streaming service Deezer has unveiled a new anime channel which will include music from the genre’s classics such as Naruto, Attack on Titan and Studio Ghibli.

AnimeVerse channel will deliver a collection of music from anime series, films, and video games, as well as anime-inspired music from around the globe.

Users will have access to the original soundtracks from anime series and films ranging from the 1970’s to the 2020’s, as well as new music that has just arrived on the streaming service.

The channel provides editorial playlists organised by Deezer editors for those who prefer curated collection of songs, such as Anime Hits, Anime 00 or Anime Love Songs.

Playlists are organised by genres, moods, or studios, including uplifting theme songs to epic battle tracks and soothing soundscapes.

AnimeVerse also features an anime-themed version of Deezer’s popular music quizzes for the genre’s fans and encourages users to participate in content creation for the channel actively by utilising the Beams tool.

Various labels such as Jvckenwood Victor Entertainment Corp, King Records, Nippon Columbia, Square Enix, NexTone Inc, Frontier Works Inc, MAGES Inc and Beatink Inc was integrated into the channel.

According to Deezer, “with the AnimeVerse channel, Deezer is poised to become the go-to destination for fans of Anime music, providing an immersive and comprehensive listening experience for fans across the globe.”

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