Cignal TV taps Quickplay to extend Cignal Play and launch sports app

Philippines’ pay-TV provider Cignal TV is to extend its streaming service Cignal Play and launch a sports app with the use of Quickplay’s cloud-native OTT platform.

With Quickplay’s cloud-native OTT platform, the provider will deliver an extension of the Cignal Play video streaming service that will bring wider and more engaging content to viewers based in the Philippines through smart devices. While the new app will be the Philippines’ first and only sports app for Filipino fans worldwide.

Cignal TV in collaboration with Quickplay plans to launch the two projects in the coming months, which will run on Google Cloud.

Cignal Play carries more than 80 of the best channels in sports, news, lifestyle, and entertainment, along with more than 1,000 hours of movies and series. The expansion will allow subscribers in the Philippines to access an all-in-one entertainment platform with multiple tiers of live and on-demand content from Cignal TV, in addition to third-party apps and streaming services, regardless of their broadband provider.

The sports app will use the same Quickplay infrastructure of Cignal Play on mobile and handheld devices. It will be a single source for live events, timely sports news and information, interactive experiences, and other unique content that cater to the varied interests of Filipino fans around the world.

Quickplay’s OTT platform powers OTT service launches and evolution, as well as telco and pay-TV migration strategies to IPTV. The platform is designed to build and run scalable applications in the cloud using cloud-native technologies, including containers, microservices, a service mesh, APIs, and immutable infrastructure.

“Cignal TV has been a leader in using the flexibility and extensibility of our platform to achieve market differentiation and better business outcomes,” said Goutham Vinjamuri, COO and co-founder of Quickplay. “We look forward to helping Cignal TV unleash 10-foot Cignal Play experiences on smart TVs, as well as live sports coverage through their sports app in the near future. We will continue to work with them to find new ways to forge meaningful connections among their subscribers and their commercial partners.”

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