Whip Media launches FASTrack

Enterprise software platform Whip Media ahead of MIPTV during April 17-19, has announced the launch of its product FASTrack, aimed to tackle reporting problems associated with FAST channels and AVOD platforms for mid and smaller tier clients.

The new solution is designed to help channels and distributors struggling with disparate data in various formats, often provided with no title-level viewership or revenue reporting from partners.

FASTrack supports SVOD, TVOD, streaming apps, and more, making visible to companies the entirety of their distribution revenue in one place. Via the platform, entertainment organisations will also be able to track content provider contracts and generate royalty statements automatically.

Its key features include automated ingestion of performance data from FAST/AVOD, SVOD, streaming apps, TVOD/EST and more. Revenue and viewership allocation down to the title level. Access to real-time actionable data via a fully customisable report builder and analytics dashboard, and contract management tools for acquired content. Alongside an automated generation of partner payments.

FASTrack debuts with beta launch partner Motorvision.TV, the motorsport lifestyle and entertainment channel.

“The parallels between cable TV adoption in the 1980s and FAST adoption in the 2020s are striking,” said Jason Weiss, chief operating officer of Whip Media. “As the industry continues to rapidly mature, developing innovative technology that helps efficiently and accurately meet the demands of content distributors becomes imperative. FASTrack is the solution to those challenges, and I can’t wait for more media and entertainment partners to see this innovative platform firsthand.”

“FAST is exploding right now, with global FAST revenue projected to triple to $12 billion by 2027. FASTrack will help the SMB (small and medium-sized business) market manage that chaos and use data to drive their way through it, at accessible pricing,” said Michael Sid, chief strategy officer of Whip Media.

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