MTRSPT1 arrives on Channelbox in the UK

Motorsports live-streaming network MTRSPT1 has launched on the free-to-air platform Channelbox via Freeview in the UK.

MTRSPT1MTRSPT1 delivers premium motorsports entertainment to audiences worldwide. The network features racing action on 2-wheel, 4-wheel, no-wheel, on-track, in the street, off-road, on water, or in-air.

Its wide variety of content includes motorsports reality, magazine and builder shows, documentaries, as well as, lifestyle programming.

MTRSPT1 also broadcasts over 200 live races annually and 2,000 hours of content. The network is streamed on Distro TV, Sling TV,  LG Channels
in Europe, SportsTribal and Samsung TV Plus in Australia and New Zealand. 

Channelbox is available via Freeview channel 271 and Channelbox mobile applications worldwide. The multi-channel platform has over 70 TV channels. 

It recently added the Swiss-based AVOD wedotv’s FAST channels, wedo movies and wedo big stories to its portfolio.

“We are very excited to launch MTRSPRT1 on Freeview UK. It’s an excellent addition to the Channelbox sports lineup and we are happy to deliver the first free-to-air motorsport channel to the UK audiences,” said Tanya Kronfli, Channelbox head of content and business development. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Channelbox, providing us with a unique opportunity to superserve our audience in the UK. We are committed to making our world-class content accessible to all motorsports fans across all platforms and with Channelbox we continue to deliver on that commitment,” added John Duff, MTRSPT1 chief operating officer.

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