Canadian Hockey League taps Edgio to improve viewing experience

Edgio has teamed up with the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) to provide an integrated platform designed to deliver high-quality video streams and streamlined management of live and on-demand events.

Edgio’s Uplynk solution for streaming video enables CHL to manage and organise live and on-demand events via a cloud-based solution, unifying control across multiple locations and scaling operations.

It marks an aim to deliver a world-class user experience to its viewers of its streaming service CHL TV available on the Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV platforms.

The platform will equip CHL to streamline video workflows to a single, integrated platform for encoding, storage, delivery, and personalisation. Additionally, it will allow CHL to efficiently prepare and deliver high-quality video to any end-user device all while ensuring it is poised to support emerging innovations such as SRT, Live DVR and flexible storage solutions.

John McCauley, CHL vice president of marketing and media said: “Edgio’s platform streamlines our workflows, boosts performance, and enables us to spin up resources to help with live event production and scale our teams when we need it most.”

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