Sunrise to boost TV offering with Zappalot

Liberty Global-backed Swiss service provider Sunrise has launched a new feature to promote use of its yallo TV service.

The service will air a daily satirical short-form video segment called Zappalot.

The segment will offer two- to five-minute ‘snackable’ video clips that show bite-sized summaries and commentaries on the funniest, most interesting, most embarrassing and most controversial TV moments.

The video-clip content will be compiled by ‘watchers’ trained for the show, and then prepared by the Zappalot editorial team.

Zappalot is available now on yallo Free TV, accessible via web browser and the service provider’s mobile app.

The will also be viewable via the Zappalot account on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, and from April 11 additionally via media partner oneplus, the streaming service of CH Media.

Sunrise said that ex-users of the former TV streaming service Wilmaa would find Zappalot’s narrative voice and satirical tone familiar as the format was developed with the creators of a similar previous initiative, Zappin’, which was sometimes aired on Wilmaa.

“With Zappalot, yallo once again proves itself to be an innovative and unconventional brand with entertainment offers that perfectly meet the needs of its tech-savvy customers. By making Zappalot available on yallo Free TV and its social-media channels, we’re providing viewers with a TV gem, free of charge, and encouraging them to watch more and subscribe to yallo TV,” said Stefan Fuchs, executive director of Flanker Brands of Sunrise.

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