United Internet sees revenue rise in 2022

German internet service provider, United Internet has reported a successful fiscal year 2022 after generating following investments in new customer contracts and the expansion of existing customer relationships.

The total number of fee-based customer contracts went up from 730,000 to 27.46 million contracts. With further 120,000 contracts were gained in the Consumer Applications segment. While, Ad-financed free accounts rose by 40,000 to 40.31 million.

Consolidated sales grew by 4.8% in the fiscal year 2022, from 5,646.2 million in the previous year to  5,915.1 million. The Group’s key earnings figures for 2022 showed EBITDA rose by 0.7%, from EUR 1,262.4 million in the previous year to 1,271.8 million, and EBIT by 0.3% from 788.6 million to EUR 790.7 million.

Howver there was an increase in expenses of EUR -13.8 million (EUR -37.9 million in 2021 and EUR -51.7 million in 2022) for the construction of 1&1’s mobile network as well as EUR -32.4 million for additional marketing activities of IONOS to raise brand awareness in its most important European markets.

Adjusted earnings per share (EPS) fell from EUR 2.11 in the previous year to EUR 2.00 which the company said is mainly due to a year-on-year decrease in the financial result, which was impacted in part by the subsequent measurement of financial derivatives as well as – with regard to the result from associated companies – the prorated negative result of Kublai GmbH, which was only partially included in the comparative figures for 2021 as the takeover of 2 Tele Columbus AG was only completed during the course of the previous year.

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