MFE and Meta join forces to fight piracy

MediaForEurope’s Italian broadcaster arm Reti Televisive Italiane (RTI) has forged an antipiracy partnership with Meta to fight online piracy.

RTI/Mediaset and Facebook-owner Meta will collaborate on implementing tools to protect RTI’s copyrighted content, including live broadcasts.

Meta will also provide RTI/Mediaset staff with dedicated training and support to use tools suh as Meta’s Rights Manager content management system, allowing rightsholders to authorise, manage and protect video and audio content and images online.

“RTI is pleased with this agreement with Meta that is in line with the [European] Copyright Directive and represent a paradigmatic turning point in ameliorating the loss of value suffered by the cultural industries in the absence of a regulatory framework that redefines the responsibilities of online platforms,” said Gina Nieri, director of institutional affairs at Mediaset and VP of RTI.

“The deal with Meta demonstrates that if platforms work together to prevent acts of piracy, it is possible to find solutions that enable growth and value creation for the whole production chain. While we will continue the judicial fight where intellectual property rights continue to be violated we hope that the European Commission will find useful tools to curb the piracy of live content and content of equivalent economic value. We are confident we will also continue active collaboration with Meta on this.”

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